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28 January 2008 @ 11:23 am
cross-posted from Ivalice.nu Updates Blog

Europa has kindly allowed me to adopt her Fran of FFXII fanlisting, Vagrancy. Of course, it will eventualyl have more information and is somewhat of a motivation to make a shrine to her, but right now i am focusing on editing/updating/adding content on existing sites, redesigning them, and a shrine to Gabranth.

16 August 2007 @ 01:58 am
cross-posted from Ivalice.nu Updates Blog

With the advent of school approaching (i use the term loosely) and the simple fact that i have played FFIV and FFXII (and FFT is coming out soon on PSP!) i will be working on these projects for the rest of the year (if i dont get them started/finish them before monday!)

  • Matron Edea, FF8, shrine (additional content and redesign)
    content is already written, layout is already made.
  • Redemption Gabranth, FF12, fanlisting
    Shrine/Essay Tribute creation, Redesign, Possible rename.
  • Beowulf Ramza, FFT, shrine
    Completed content, possible redesign.
  • Dark Knight Cecil, FF4, essay/mini tribute
    Finish essaying, basically!

I know its ambitious, but i think i can handle it!

01 August 2007 @ 01:17 am
cross-posted from Ivalice.nu Updates Blog

ivalice.nu v2 is up after a looooong break. I tried a lot of different things with this layout and it took me a very long period of time to code (not so much to design) so i hope you enjoy. This is the first step to getting my domain(s) revived/alive and starting on projects again. Yes, i know, school is starting but i think i am going to be changing my priorities a bit this time around (i.e. not working as much when i don’t need to).

Also i have created a new blog to house all of my domain updates. I really don’t like using LJ for it but i know its a good way for a lot of people to actually see things as they get updated, so i have added a LJ cross posting plugin to my wordpress install that will keep both of them updated easily. Anything that is posted here (on the blog) will show up there (on the livejournal community).

Update Livejournal | Update Blog

11 December 2006 @ 03:09 pm
FINALLY... ok so its not 100%.... its more like 90%, but i needed to release this before i went crazy worrying about finishing it. so basically the media section could be better... but no worries. i am playing through FFT again soon so there should be no problem.
Beowulf - a Shrine to Ramza Beoulve of Final Fantasy Tactics
feedback is always welcome.
03 December 2006 @ 12:11 am
so now that school is done and over with (i wont go into the details but lets just say i'm finished earlier than most) i can start spending my free time with the domain. thus far these are my plans, but please bare with me.

  1. Retrospecticus - update (WP) blog at Ivalice for Ivalice and Kurai sites
    a place for individual site updates (with details). all sites will link there. (i suppose this is more of a personal domain management and planning log? everything should have a title and a purpose!)
  2. Epimetheia - personal blog
    because i miss having one. possibly to cross post?
  3. Finish my Ramza shrine to get that done and over with. its pretty much just CSS and any ingame stuff that i need to work on
  4. Start Starcross (Delita & Princess Ovelia). i have about half of this stuff typed out.
  5. get Kurai back up
  6. plan Gabranth shrine & fanlist. dunno if i am willing to do the work of making it a dual shrine

thats all for now. should keep me busy for a while...

10 November 2006 @ 03:59 pm

preview of my upcoming Ramza shrine. i, personally, am not fond of it at all. i wanted it to not be a boxed layout, but with restrictions of the texture i made as well as the image i picked, plus the fact that it would have taken me a while to make it still look nice (basically, i'm lazy) i decided to just box it and be done with it. i will hopefully have it all done and up soon.

if you could give me some feedback on text color, that would be excellent. i am afraid it isn't readable but not 100% sure it is an issue since i can see it perfectly fine on my PC and Matt's laptop. any other critiques would be great too.

ignore the text and title. its just a song i always use as my text/paragraph test e.e;

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09 November 2006 @ 04:39 pm

Falling Empire
so this is my first fanlisting, so don't be too harsh. if you notice, i only made 2 codes (i suck at small graphics) so if you join and make your own, it would be awesome if you donated. Its a general Ivalice fanlisting, so if you haven't played FFT or FFT Advanced (of if you don't like them) it also applies to FFXII. enjoy.

06 October 2006 @ 11:57 am
this will be my first fanlisting... i don't really like fanlistings but maybe this will be the start of something? it will be in conjunction with my Ivalice information site but i will eventually make it for all realms of Ivalice.
03 October 2006 @ 06:39 pm
Final Fantasy Tactics related

[Ramza Shrine] - Ramza Beoulve 50%
A shrine to the protagonist of FFT. Your typical character shrine. (title is a surprise!)
[i have almost all of the information typed up but SERIOUS layout block]

Starcrossed Lovers - Delita Hyral & Princess Ovelia Atkascha 0%
A tribute to the tragic and tainted love between these two key characters in the story of FFT. Adopted princess, commoner going on a killing spree: what could be more tragic? note the R&J reference.

Falling Empire - Ivalican Empire 75%
The history of Ivalice. domain namesake.
[layout made and coded. still working on content]

Other FF

DARK KNIGHT - Cecil Harvey [ffiv] 25%
An in depth look at the conflict of good versus evil in the games protagonist. Not your typical shrine.
[this has been a long time in the making but i haven't taken the time to make a decent layout for it]

Successor - Rinoa, Edea, Adel, Ultimecia, Ellone(? maybe) [ffviii] 25%
A collection of 'essays' on the concepts/theories of being a sorceress/witch and its affect on these key characters. really just a place for my thoughts in conjunction with Matron.
[another site i have most of the 'essays' and content for but haven't compiled it]

Other Games
(these are poorly planned and only possible at this point)

Seung Mina - Soul Edge/Blade/Calibur series
Jun Kazama - Tekken series
Dizzy - Guilty Gear series
Eris - Drakengard/Drag-on Dragoon 2